Value for money

The use of flexible labor at all levels has become increasingly common. This stresses the demands for a differentiated selection process depending on the complexity of the task. At SELEKT we let customers choose between different services with a real difference in complexity. Our pricing matches the resource demand of the staffing task.

The core services of SELEKT

We offer 6 core services within staffing and HR services.
The complexity of the various services provided by SELEKT is increasing: The Temporary job staffing is the least complex and search & selection is the most complex.

SELEKT is competent in handling temporary jobs and is ready to respond quickly when needed. We have a 24-7-365 mindset. Based on a prior requirement specification and analysis, we will promptly refer to suitable temps. We listen to your needs and together find the right staffing solution.
Our employees, who work with temporary agency jobs daily, are trained in finding the right solutions and continuously develop SELEKT’s staffing processes.
All candidates emitted from SELEKT have undergone a personal interview, handed in relevant diplomas, certificates, and have a flawless criminal record.
The decisive factor in this type of temporary employment is usually delivery speed, but we never compromise on quality in the selection process. The temps can be placed from day to day.

A project employee is a “knowledge worker” highly skilled within a specific area.
Many companies have a number of tasks that are not undertaken because of a lack of internal competencies or an image of consulting services as being very expensive.
SELEKT offers experienced or newly graduated candidates with a high level of competence to address the needs of companies. Companies get a dedicated competence at a competitive cost – for as long as needed only.

Selection of a new employee is a complicated process, and a wrong casting is expensive and frustrating for all parties. By outsourcing the recruitment task to SELEKT, you get a professional competence in the selection process, while allowing your company to use resources for other tasks. Even companies with a well functioning personnel department can advantageously outsource their recruitment tasks to SELEKT. Recruitment often comes at an inconvenient time and can be disruptive to the primary tasks of the staff function. The SELEKT employees who solve recruitment tasks are trained specialists who focus on this part of the professional staff selection.
In Search & Selection part of the search process consists of contacting suitable topics in permanent jobs. SELEKT works continuously to acquire knowledge about the best candidates and where to find them. Search & Selection will primarily be used in connection to the occupation of senior management positions. The search process will in many cases be supplemented by job advertisements.

SELEKT helps your employees for the benefit of all. We individually counsel/coach all of the employees – partly through consultation and partly through preparation. We allocate a specific number of hours per week per employee. The times are agreed upon with the employees, of course. Counseling/coaching includes:
•  Clarification of personal and professional competencies

•  Preparation of CV and application

•  Opportunities in own network are uncovered

•  Job search activities

•  Preparation for interviews

•  Personal profile analysis is an option

The individual employee gets help for exactly what he/she needs thus achieving the goal of the whole process: to help the employees further in their careers.

Any manager knows the consideration: Can we cut the costs that do not directly generate revenue? For example, can we clear payroll, bookkeeping and telephone matching, picking and packing and assembly cheaper and more efficient than now, if we leave it to people with the optimal skill set for these particular areas? And can we thereby free up resources for the tasks that we ourselves specialize in?