Welcome to SELEKT Temporary Employment and Recruitment

SELEKT offers private and public companies temporary assistance, recruitment solutions and advice on HR issues. We operate within a wide range of industries and subjects from our virtual departments in Aarhus, Skanderborg, Horsens, Vejle, Fredericia, Odense and Copenhagen.

SELEKT is owned by John Sylvester, who has more than 20 years of experience in staffing and staff selection at national and Scandinavian level.
We are a 100% Danish owned company.

The right match is paramount

It is a time consuming, costly and complex process to find, test and select the right candidate for a given job. If you leave the staff selection to SELEKT it will allow you more time to focus on everything else. We have the right tools and the many years of experience needed to find the very best employee that strengthens your business. Whether it is a warehouse employee, a project employee or a managerial candidate – for a temporary or permanent position.

Professionalism, Focus, Proximity and Partnership are the 4 best reasons to choose us:


SELECT observes and listens. We always start by analyzing your needs before we bring ourselves into play with qualified advice and concrete assistance. SELEKT is also a company with strong values, and we believe that honesty lasts the longest.
We value ethics and morals high when dealing with both customers and candidates in a selection process, and we do not compromise on our values.


SELEKT has a narrow business focus: Professional staff selection. We aim to be the best in Denmark. Constant employee development, the use of the latest technology and the mission of being at the forefront of development in a global market are means of maintaining and expanding a leading position i the Danish staff selection sector.


SELEKT engages in the local business- and cultural life. We constantly nurture and expand our networks to local business clubs, private and public organizations and the like. Frequent dialogue with our local network means that we always know what is stirring and gives us the best basis for advising our customers on current local trends.


SELEKT builds on long-term business relationships that equally respect candidates and companies. We are in ongoing dialogue with our partners on new markets, trends, consumers and new technology. We inform and inspire each other. We value the close personal contact with both customers and employees greatly.