Dear jobseeker, there are many benefits of working for a temporary agency that is a member of the Confederation of Danish Industries.
As a temporary employee, you benefit from flexible working hours and self-chosen changing challenges. Several have said goodbye to a life as a permanent employee to gain more freedom. Others choose to be a substitute for a period between jobs or before beginning studies. We need everyone who is motivated and committed. See the benefits below.

10 benefits of temporary employment

1. You decide when you want to work and how much

2. You get to know a variety of industries

3. No two days are the same
4. You get to know yourself better (what kind of tasks, industries, and types of people suit you)

5. You meet many new people and expand your network

6. You ‘test yourself’ in different methods, types of management and company structures

7. You may add well-known/high-profile companies to your resume

8. A chance to get a foot in the door in various companies

9. You learn new skills

10. You obtain invaluable practical experience – not theoretic knowledge

For most temporary jobs, you have to get around a lot, experience very different tasks and interact with many competent people. Therefore, it is a plus if you are open and adventurous. If you are considering temporary jobs, you can easily and quickly become a temporary employee for SELEKT. As a job seeker/candidate you come in for a personal meeting at one of our offices.

Before the meeting here’s what you need to prepare:

1. Register by clicking on the link
2. Upload your CV

For the meeting you need to bring:

1. A positive attitude and a smile!
2. Picture ID, drivers’ license or passport and health insurance certificate

3. Driving license and any certificates (truck, crane, dangerous goods, etc.)

4. Possibly work and residence permits

5. Education Certificates

6. Criminal record

You are now ready to come out as a temporary employee. So follow us on Facebook, to see when we post new vacancies.